Kenny and I had not been out to Miami Beach in a while and we were both stirring inside to hit the streets with the Gospel.

On our way in the car we prayed earnestly that The Lord would give us opportunities to share the full Gospel of Christ to those who were lost and who had an open heart to hear God's Truth.

Kenny approached the first person he saw, an older woman who was pleasant and approachable. She listened to what we were telling her at first but the tone quickly changed when Kenny talked about Jesus and how He was the only way we could be forgiven of our sins. It seemed that the mention of His name, Jesus, instantly became a road block. We pressed on with the Truth of Jesus but she, even though very kind, wanted nothing to do with it.

A bit frustrated we continued on our way and meet a couple of guys on roller-skates doing tricks on the sidewalk. I was on my "Snakeboard" so I got the attention of these two guys right away. As I shared the Gospel with them, it was an excellent discussion with open hearts and eager receptivity to the Gospel. AT THAT VERY MOMENT AS I WAS GIVING THE GOSPEL to these guys a brother in Christ who had been out with us before sent me a text saying that he was at that very moment praying that God would be with us and give us the words we needed to GIVE THE TRUTH. An answer to our prayers! As the day went on we had several opportunities to talk to many people who were eager and welcoming of God's Word.

But before our time at Miami Beach ended we approached one person who right away who was welcoming and easy to talk to. We spent a good 20 minutes or so going over the great Truths of God's Word and The Gospel. Thank the Lord. What an answer to prayer! What a privilege it was to be a vessel in the work of the Lord in presenting the Good News of the Gospel. We walked away that day thanking the Lord for using us, though weak and inferior, for His Glory.

May we be more proactive in our work to GIVE THE TRUTH!

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